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About Us


I’m Devendra Gogate, the company’s creator, and lead of Aranymie Wilderness Safaris. Aranyamie is a wildlife and nature travel company centered in Pune, India. After spending more than 15 years working for various wildlife travel agencies in Pune and Bangalore I took a huge step and turned my dream into a reality. I consider myself fortunate to be able to make a living out of my love of animals and photography. The thing I most await is spending more time in the wilderness and with animals in general.

This vast ‘on field experience’ naturally translates to the way of planning any trip for our clients as well as leading any Wildlife Excursion for a group of nature enthusiasts. May it be a quick weekend holiday at a wildlife destination in Maharashtra or a 2 weeks long tour to Kenya, we have the right set of people to plan and execute it for our clients!

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‘Aranyamie’ (अरण्यामी) is a combination of two words.

‘Aranya’ (अरण्य) is a word of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘forest or jungle’.
‘Amie’ is a French word, meaning ‘friend’.

Under our brand Aranyamie we wish to create experiences enabling people to develop a strong affiliation and connect with wilderness!

Our logo signifies and celebrates the unique relationship between the Tiger and the Forest. Our forest guards who protect the jungle, working at the grassroot level always say ” बाघ है तो जंगल है! ”
‘It’s the Tiger who supports and protects the forest’.

While extending it to all the Big cats, this key learning has largely shaped our logo design! In our logo, the Big Cat illustration symbolises the tree trunk and canopy represents the forest. Both, mutually supporting each other’s precious existence!