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Rohit Kolhatkar

Rohit Kolhatkar

AWSome Field Expert


Though a mechanical engineer by profession, his true passion lies in a field far removed from the world of machines. Having volunteered at both – Bustard Conservation Project with the Wildlife Institute of India & currently with Pune’s animal rescue team at ResQ, his avid interest and enthusiasm for biodiversity drives him towards a life deep rooted in connection with nature. Fostered by ever-present curiosity that dates back to his school years, and spurred on by a combination of wildlife camps and supportive mentors, his approach evolved and led to a fascination for wildlife and photography. Combining the two, he initially began capturing birds on a small camera, and has not looked back since. Today, he firmly believes that preventing loss of habitat is the need of the hour.
He is also actively involved with ‘The Grasslands Trust’ – a conservation based nonprofit organization.