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Devendra Gogate

Devendra Gogate

Founder and Partner


Devendra has been exploring the great outdoors since the year 2003 and has been working professionally full time in the field of Wildlife Tourism since 2006.
Devendra has completed his Masters in Bio-diversity and is always ready to talk about the importance of wildlife in our life. In all these years he has visited the popular as well as many offbeat destinations in India, Kenya and Tanzania – that too several times !

He strongly believes that ‘creating and spreading awareness about our natural wealth is the primary step towards conservation’. It was a common scene to find him delivering talks and conducting nature awareness sessions for different schools before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Though this pandemic resulted in an online mode of schooling as of now, that didn’t stop him from continuing his much loved job of spreading awareness. In the past one and half years he has conducted several online sessions for the schools as well as groups of nature lovers.

But what attracts him more than the online sessions is the ‘offline world’. Under his own brand ‘Aranyamie Wilderness Safaris’ he is now leading wildlife trips as well as planning wildlife holidays for his clients as per their requirements.

Devendra considers nature photography as one of the powerful tools in making the right impact. As a photographer, he started in the pre-digital era which helped him develop his photography skills by lots of trial-error episodes !
Some of his photographs have received ‘Special Mentions’ by Sanctuary Asia Magazine. His work has also been featured in Sanctuary Asia and Chiz photography magazines.

Apart from just leading nature and wildlife excursions, he also conducts ‘Photography Tours’ where he keeps himself busy in sharing the pro-tips ‘on and off the field’ with the only aim – his clients should be able to make better images 🙂