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Ameya Chandrachud

Ameya Chandrachud

AWSome Field Expert


Right from going on safaris as a kid to leading many wildlife tours, Ameya, a Commerce graduate, didn’t even realize when he fell in love with nature and the importance of its conservation.
Exploring the natural habitats in and around Pune city and observing the lush green grasslands in their most candid form have honed his skills as a wildlife enthusiast as well as a nature photographer.
Working with different ecotourism companies has led him to gain immense knowledge about wildlife and he continues to learn everyday.
Ameya is also associated with ‘The Grassland Trust’ – a non-profit NGO that works closely with grassland habitats and the species that prefer grasslands – especially the canids like wolves, foxes and hyenas. He wishes to do his bit by reaching out to the people to spread awareness about wildlife and its conservation.