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Spread along the ever beautiful Karnavati (Ken) river and located in the mighty Vindya Mountain ranges, the forest of Panna is one of the most picturesque habitats of our country !

This entire region is rich in Biodiversity. Apart from the apex predators like Tiger and Leopard, Panna is a home to many other carnivores like the Jackals, Bengal Fox and Jungle Cat. The jungle is also known for the presence and occasional sightings of Wild Dogs, Wolves and even the Striped Hyena !!! 

Panna is probably the best place in Central India to see and photograph Leopards !

The calm waters of Karnavati are a safe haven for Crocodiles and many water birds. This place supports close to 250 species of birds and is a paradise for bird watchers. During winter months one can see at least 5 different species of vultures and at least 4 species of Eagles here.

In October 2020 this beautiful forest was designated as a ‘Biosphere Reserve’ by UNESCO.

What makes Panna special is the diversity of habitats. The evergreen patches along the Ken river with healthy populations of Arjun and Jamuntrees, deciduous forest on the flat land with species like Teak, Crocodile Bark tree, Axlewood tree, Mahua, Salai, Tendu and Chiraunji trees, mountain slopes with Dhonk trees and mountain tops with Ber, Acacia and grasses !! Add to this the hills and valleys and what you get to see is a diverse habitat with a variety of inhabitants !

Panna is special for geology lovers too, as one gets to see 5 different types of rocks here, namely – Shale, Sandstone, Conglomerate, Kimberlite and Limestone.

Panna has witnessed a total decline and then a rise in the Tiger population. From being tiger-less in 2008 to more than 35 tigers in 2020, Panna is a true success story of ‘Tiger Conservation’. This jungle has experienced the very first tiger reintroduction project. This jungle has also witnessed orphaned cubs turning into adult independent tigers. 

This beautiful jungle is a ‘must visit’ place for every nature enthusiast !

How to reach –

  1. By air – Khajuraho (30 km from Panna) is the nearest airport.
    But, Jabalpur (240 km from Panna) and Prayagraj (240 km from Panna) have better air connectivity. 
  2. By rail – Khajuraho (30 km from Panna) is the nearest railway station.
    But Satna (100 km from Panna) has better train options.

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